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On 12 December 2021, Israel announced that the UK has been added to its “red list” for travel in view of concerns over the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

Effective from 16 December 2021, Israel will ban its citizens and permanent residents from travelling to the UK unless they get advance permission from the Exceptions Committee or they will be transiting through the UK for less than 12 hours without leaving the airport of arrival.

At the same time, from 16 December 2021, non-Israeli citizens will be banned from entering Israel from the UK unless they also have permission from the Exceptions Committee. Israeli citizens arriving back from the UK will be taken to a managed isolation facility where they must remain until their PCR test result taken on arrival is confirmed as negative. This is regardless of vaccination status. If the test result is negative and provided that the individual is able to isolate alone, away from other household members, they will be allowed to complete their remaining isolation period of 14 days total at home.

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