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A work permit can be issued for any period of time based on the situation as per UK immigration criteria. The duration of the work permit is dependent on the length of time requested by the sponsoring company, and is also at the discretion of the Home Office. A permit holder will be "locked-in" to their employer for the duration of the visa. Moving to another employer requires another application to be made.

The position for which the work permit is required must meet National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) level 3 and above. For work in a certain professions, registration with the governing body of that profession may be required. For example, doctors must be General Medical Council (GMC) registered.


Eligibility for a work permit requires:

A degree; or

A Higher National Diploma (HND) level qualification which is relevant to the position on offer; or

An HND level qualification which is not relevant to the position on offer plus one year of relevant full-time work experience at NVQ level 3 and above;

Shortage occupations

If the position for which the prospective employer is seeking a work permit is on the shortage occupation list, there is no requirement for the employer to meet the advertising criteria set by Work Permits (UK). Otherwise the employer will need to advertise for the position in a government accredited place - a broadsheet paper, online etc. This advert will have to be 'live' for a set period of time and the employer will have to prove that the applicant is the most qualified for that position.

The work permit shortage occupations list contains jobs within the professions

The processing time to apply for the UK GTV is 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

The benefits of the UK Global Talent Visa are

  • IELTS Not Required

  • Eligible for PR

  • Bring Family Along

  • No Minimum Salary

  • Move Anywhere