CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS will not, under any circumstances, issue refunds for early service withdrawal.

  • The refund percentages mentioned are for the full-service fee paid and not only for the amount paid. Refund percentages are applicable only if the complete fee of the product is paid without any balance. Clients would not be eligible for the refund percentage even if they fall in one of the mentioned clauses or if they haven’t paid the complete full-service fee mentioned.

  • The immigration pronouncements at times are discounted on the basis of future expectations and clients are registered in advance, that is, before the actual qualification is announced to make sure that the cap system is met. It’s pre-agreed that the client does acknowledge this and is ready to do so to cut the last-minute rush and get ready as per all requirements by the time the immigration authorities announce them. If the client’s profile is not eligible after the announcement, client can choose to transfer to other opportunities.

    CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS has a zero-tolerance policy for charge backs. Any customer who disputes a credit card payment that is found to be valid will be permanently blacklisted and barred from use of the service. Any past due fees and costs will be sent to collections. If our collection efforts fail, unpaid debts will be reported to all available Credit Reporting Agencies.

  • In case of rejection by the Immigration Authorities, CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS will refund the applicable amount as per stated in the agreement. The refund will be made within 15-30 working days after the client fills the Online Refund Claim Form to CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS. The client has to enclose a copy of the letter of rejection from the Authority to support the Refund Claim. If a client fails to enclose a copy of the rejection letter or rejection stamp on the client’s passport, CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS will not be able to give a refund.

  • The company is not responsible for any delay caused by third-party services. Also, clients cannot claim a refund of service charges.

    CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS is not responsible for refund of any fees or other amounts/charges that have been paid to any Assessing Bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy /Consulate/ High Commission in the event of the client not getting approval of immigration, or in case of rejection or non-acceptance of his/her request at any stage by any respective authority. The fees only includes the charges towards the services rendered by CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS and does not include any request or assessing fees. The client agrees to pay the entire additional fees, as applicable.