Refund Policy:

Evaluations: 100% non-refundable. DIY Kits: 100% non-refundable. Directories: 100% non-refundable. Job Search Services*: 100% non-refundable.

*Note:Under any uncertain situations like natural calamities or the advent of pandemic, your amount is non-refundable.

Other Services:

100% non-refundable if you purchase & change your mind later and decide to withdraw.

100% non-refundable if you do not wish to continue with our services.

100% non-refundable if –

Failure of the medical examination by the client or his/her family members included in the permit request.

Failure to provide a genuine Police Clearance Certificate which is not less than 3 months old.

Failure to prove sufficient funds for settlement or maintenance by the client or his/her family members included in the permit request. .

Submission of fraudulent papers.

A prior violation of any immigration law by the client or any of his or her family members included in thepermit request.

Late submission of any additional papers requested by the consulate at a later stage.

You may refer the applicable refund terms specific to the product in the service email confomation

CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS reserves the right to not issue a refund as per our policies and in line with this agreement.

Refunds if issued, will be processed within 30 days after you have filled in the refund request form and provided proof of rejection if any.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree you will not ask for a charge back under any circumstances.

Refunds for payments received will be issued as a company check. The refund check will be made payable to the person on the order form and mailed to the address indicated on the order form.

You hereby agree that you will not contact your Credit Card Company or bank to file a dispute as this will only delay the refund process.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions:

CIA OVERSEAS CAREERS retains the right, at its discretion, to change its Terms and Conditions at any time. By purchasing any product listed on our website, you hereby agree to all terms and conditions listed in this form. You hereby agree not to dispute these terms under any circumstances. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Hyderabad Courts only.